The Seventh Dream

A Nun Desires A Very Specific Suitcase
The First Job

On days like today, when the clouds are oppressive and the exorcist is late, I wish I’d never taken this gig.

Two days ago, Williams invited fucking Azazel himself into his body. James is still trying to figure out why. Last night, they blew up most of the church and left with the only thing that has ever been worth my life to guard.

I have been told before to call Ben McGinnis. I probably should have done more research, but I had scant hours before Azazel burst from Williams’ body, and I had to act.

They got the box back. They really made it happen.

Much of me wishes they had failed.

Ben collected his crew. Shit, I don’t want to know where he gets them. One of them had a different face every time I looked and called himself Mister Cross. Two are just kids, really. Though I think you have to be thousands of years old to be old enough for this shit. Steve is, I think, their muscle, but I’m not sure if he was aware of the bar fight that broke out behind him when they returned with the case. He was too busy ripping a fucking seat from the van that still held a woman who held my god damned box. And she was opening it. How she knew how to do that, I don’t think I want to know, but Anya got herself added to the List.

The other is a real nice kid who said he would help a lady out with the filing system her page’s trashed. I like Danny. If he can teach me excel, I’m keeping him.

I’m not sure exactly what happened in the underground market, but Ben has a shifter on his crew, and he came back covered partly in the blood of Azazel and looking frazzled as hell and also a little drunk and also exactly like Anya.

Not a werewolf, then. Noted.

With any luck, Nathaniel can tell me what happened in there. I’m sure he saw them.

He’s the one that referred them.

Giselle’s bar is on the way in — there will be witnesses, voices I can tap into, stories to be told. I gave them Mary Magdalene’s robes as payment, but before they can cash it and before I call on them again, I need to know exactly what they’re capable of.

That’s my report, Sir. I’ll let you know when I know more.

Sister Mary, signing the fuck off.


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