Character Sheets

1. How physically able is your character?

2. What does the character do in their private hours?

3. Do they have a favorite food or drink, and is it readily available?

4. Are they musically inclined? Do they play an instrument?

5. What did their parents do, and did it influence them as a child? As an adult?

6. How quick is their thought process?

7. Have they ever been in a fight? How did it go?

8. What two or three things does the character always carry, and where? Why?

9. What is your character afraid of, and have they ever faced that fear?

10. What two or three things are they very bad at doing?

11. What two or three skills does your character have? Some people would say these skills may be supernatural, if such things were real.

12. How educated is your character?

13. What physical qualities does your character value, and do they possess them?

14. Does your character work? If so, what do they do? Are they good at it?

15. What other skills and hobbies does your character have?

16. What is their favorite time? Is it a single moment, or does it recur?

17. What places and things are beloved by your character?

18. What is the mystery they wish to solve?

Character Sheets

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